The O’lives

Salmon Fillet

This is probably the freshest Salmon Fillet we’ve ever tried. It comes with pommes puree (another fancy name for mashed potato), asparagus, dill cream (a tangy sauce), and surrounded by tarragon oil. The salmon fillet is crispy-outside, soft-inside and hardly has any fishy taste commonly found in frozen seafood product. This is one of the set lunch‘s main courses in The O’lives at Pulau Tikus, Penang.

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Beep Beep Q

BBQ in Action

BBQ is perhaps one of the activities we enjoyed back in school days in which a group of friends bring along raw ingredients, drinks, paper plates/cups, and charcoal to setup fire in an open space or BBQ corner in some apartments.  This group activity is getting lesser and lesser as we started working or moving into city. In Penang islalnd, if you miss the smokey chicken, Beep Beep Q is the answer.

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Sister Cook 大姐中国沙县小吃

Freezing Broccoli 冰镇西兰花

Each day, we are scraping our head in preparing our dinner. Little did we know that a delicious meal can be as simple as dipping freezing broccoli with wasabi and soy sauce.  This is one of the specialty in Sister Cook restaurant operated by sisters from Sha-county 沙县 of China.

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Mini Steamboat @ Taiwan Food Midlands


Taiwan Food @ Midlands

It had been 3 years since I first blogged about this place. It still remains as one of my favorite places to dine in due to its cozy and relaxing environment. It was one evening in which I was craving for Taiwanese food (despite of some negative news) after hiking at Youth Park, and I stopped by here again for… mini steamboat.

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Young Heart @ Pulau Tikus


When I told my friend that I am going to Young Heart, their first impression was Young Hearts bras :facewall:  . From Penang foodies’ POV, it was a restaurant in Pulau Tikus, Penang. I heart of Young Heart before but never had a chance to visit it. Some bloggers had blogged about it and feedback were generally not bad. Fortunately I was invited for new menu items review last Saturday.

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Brown House @ Brown Road


In Malacca we have red houses. In Penang, we have Brown House. Located opposite of Midland (and beside Adventist hospital) is a restaurant called Brown House (previously housing Island Red Cafe) serving a number of cuisines, such as Chinese, Malay and Western. We were invited for a food review last weekend.

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Taiwan Food – An oasis in the desert


Previously, Midland Park (a.k.a One Stop) at Pulau Tikus, Penang is one of the popular shopping complex in the past. I used to travel from mainland to this complex just to purchase some PC games and DVDs. Recently, most tenants had moved out, including Popular Book Store, Reject Shop, and supermarket. The complex is almost deserted with only few retail shops around.

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