Pearl Garden Cafe @ Tanjung Tokong

Salt-Baked Meat Crab

Visiting Penang’s “Avatar” at Tanjung Tokong? Why not stopping by 70+ years old’s Pearl Garden Cafe 海珠屿海鲜 (GPS: 5.46404,100.30792) for some fresh and juicy seafood? Their menu is pretty limited (seriously, we don’t recall they have a menu) featuring simple cooking methods (usually salt-baked something something) with the intention to retain the original flavor of the seafood at its best.

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Crabby Claws @ Lone Pine Hotel

Crabby Claws @ The BungalowEvery Thursday 7pm-10.30pmTel: +604-886 8566

Recently, we noticed that some restaurants, including The Bungalow in Lone Pine Hotel, like to pour seafood freshly stir-fried from kitchen onto customer’s dining table and ask the customers to eat them using bare hands. No, they are not crazy but this is a new trend to share and enjoy seafood without any cutlery. Just hands.

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32.3% Score for This Restaurant

323 Seafood, Pantai Bersih, Penang, Malaysia

Previously, we visited a seafood restaurant at Pantai BersihLobster Village. It had only a few customers that time and  made us worry at first but turned out to be a good experience. Thinking of trying other restaurants there, we visited 323 Seafood Restaurant this time.

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