Carvery Night @ E&O Hotel

Slow Roasted Whole Lamb

When was my last time seeing whole animal roasted on a stove? From the picture above, the lamb looks creepy as it looks like survival food in post-apocalypse world but trust me, you will hardly find a roasted lamb so tasty and juicy in any buffet restaurant except E&O Hotel.

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Print and Enjoy @ E&O Hotel

discount flyer FA3

Planning to have a buffet in town? Now is a good chance for you to visit Sarkies @ E&O Hotel. From 1-May until 7-Jul-2013, get 30% discount for all buffets! Just right-click on the image above and “Save Image As…”. Then, print it out and present it when dining.

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Muar’s Asam Pedas

Asam Fish 亚参鱼

Other than Otak-Otak, another famous food in Muar is Asam Pedas – a sour and spicy stew dish. Unlike north region’s version, Asam Ikan such as the one above (RM53.00 – market price) was simply sour and spicy. You will start sweating the moment you put a scope into your mouth. We went there for friend’s wedding and were fortunate enough to be treated by the bride in Yu Tou Wang 麻坡鱼头王 restaurant.

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Unlimited Sashimi in Weekend Afternoon

Weekend Japanese Buffet

What? Another “no camera” restaurant? The door opened at 11:30am sharp so basically you don’t have a chance to snap photos before customers arrival. Anyway, we took most items to our table, decorated, snapped, and shared with you here, including this salmon sashimi which I enjoyed the most.

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All time durian. Lucky you!

Durian Wrap

In Malaysia, durian season starts in June and ends in August. For those who missed it, there are still few options: 1) Get all season lower grade durians, 2) Eat durian candy/cake instead, 3) Try Durian Wrapz (RM5.00) made of D13 at Lucky Dessert.

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Anything healthier you have to cook it yourself

Update 16-Jul-2013: Sweet-i is moved to Taman Lip Sin, opposite of Super Tanker Food Court. See Google map at the end of this post.

Sweet-i, Sungai Dua, Penang

Dessert houses are blooming in Penang island. Most of them emphasized on taste (e.g. sweetness) and appearance (e.g. served by pretty girls) rather than the desserts’ nutrition. Sweet-i, however, is an exception.

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Laksa with Pai Tee @ Balik Pulau


July is a happening month in Balik Pulau thanks to durian session. Other than that, it is good to try out Balik Pulau’s laksa as well. We had a “Laksa Jiak Ba Ba” trip last month and one of the stalls we found was a resident house along the windy road to Teluk Bahang.

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