Loaf U Butterworth


For people living in the mainland, now you no need to travel across the sea, facing unthinkable traffic of George Town for “sandwich-on-chair” by Loaf U as the cafe now has an outlet in Bukit Mertajam and Butterworth respectively. We stumbled upon Loaf U Butterworth in Teras Jaya Business Park near Raja Uda (GPS: 5.43372,100.38936) when we were hunting for breakfast recently.

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By The Sea Lifestyle Store 沿海地带生活馆 Relocation


By The Sea Lifestyle Store 沿海地带生活馆 is one of the first few cafes we visited in Raja Uda with its signature sea-themed interior and sandy floor. Recently, the cafe was moved to a new location at Jalan Ong Yi How, not far away from its previous location. We decided to pay it a visit after half a decade since we first visited it.

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Mayonize Weston Corner

Smoked Duck Breast

Ah~ Smoked Duck Breast (RM21.90) cooked to perfectly pink and juicy on a pile of mashed potato and vegetable salad. Smoked duck breast is our favorite but is usually only appeared in buffet spreads or semi fine dining restaurant. Fortunately, we found it at Mayonize Western Corner, Raja Uda, Penang.

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Sushi YA 寿司屋@ Raja Uda

Salmon Sushi

Last year, we could still enjoy a plate of Kappa Maki (Cucumber Roll) at the price of RM2.00 at Japanese chain restaurants. Thanks to currency depreciation, it is now a history. Either the same color plate had increased price, or the Maki was “promoted” to the ext color. Sushi YA appears to be our pocket saver.

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The Alley Raja Uda

Opening Promo

As long as Japanese food is concerned, our immediate reaction is to order a cup of hot green tea without any thinking. How about sushi with a cup of coffee? You will find this “clash of cuisine” at The Alley, Raja Uda.

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Thai Original Boat Noodle

Siam Laksa

It was a long Saturday in which we had to work from nine to six. Our eyes were like Mashimaro  when we arrived at Thai Original Boat Noodle – a restaurant we decided to give it a try when venturing in Teras Jaya Business Park at Raja Uda, Butterworth, Penang. Our eyes immediately opened after having a sip of the soup.

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Eng’s Noodles 荣记面家

荣记面家 Eng's Noodles

Raja Uda is a place we like to venture whenever we passing by. Occasionally, you will find new eateries there – including this Wonton Noodle house – Eng’s Noodles 荣记面家.

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