Lion Head Black & White Wan Tan Mee 狮头云吞面 @ Sungai Petani

White Wan Tan Mee

White or black Wan Tan Mee? How about both? 狮头云吞面 Lion Head (?) Wan Tan Mee (GPS: 5.63648,100.47366) accidental discovery in Taman Intan, Sungai Petani in which one can have both dark soy sauce and clear broth version of handmade egg noodle under one roof.

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BBee Park @ The One

The One

The One is a new township project in Bayan Baru opposite of Mayang Mall/D’Piazza. At first, I was quite excited as there were many restaurants opened at that area. After few visits, it quickly became one of the area I tried to avoid due to one major issue – parking problem.

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Sri Wang Wan Tan Mee

Wan Tan Mee (Dry) 云吞面 (干)

Wan Tan Mee is a strange food. In Sungai Petani, there are many Wan Tan Mee stalls which usually full of customers even though some of them just tasted average based on my personal taste bud. One of them is slightly low profile’s Sri Wang Wan Tan Mee 老字号斯里旺云吞面 which recently opened its own noodle house at Taman Cengal Jaya.

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Eng’s Noodles 荣记面家

荣记面家 Eng's Noodles

Raja Uda is a place we like to venture whenever we passing by. Occasionally, you will find new eateries there – including this Wonton Noodle house – Eng’s Noodles 荣记面家.

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