Khun De Thai Batu Lanchang (Part 2)

Khun De Thai Restaurant11.30am-2.30pm,5.30pm-10.00pm dailyTel: +604-282 9690

Previously, we introduced some common Thai dishes found in Khun De Thai. Today, we introduce you some special dishes. Some of them were my first encounter.

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Alaska Bomb @ Yeng Keng Cafe

Alaska Bomb is a somehow rare traditional dessert found in cafe of Yeng Keng Hotel, Penang. I was fortunate enough to try this dessert which was made of ice cream, slices of sponge cake, fruits and topped with meringue.

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Lam Hooi Cafe 南园茶餐室


Ahh~ Chinese spinach in superior stock 上汤芫菜 (RM6.00), a dish in which you can only find it in above-average Chinese restaurant, and I found it in Lam Hooi Cafe 南园茶餐室 beside New World Park at Burma Road, Penang. It topped with preserved egg and anchovy.

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Tai Thong Imperial China @ Subang Jaya 大同皇府酒家


After having bak kut teh, I have a walk at a jogging place in Petaling Jaya before meeting with friends at Tai Thong Dim Sum restaurant. The different between KL and northern people is that they usually have dim sum late. Around 10am, you most probably have to queue until PLUS highway for dim sum in Ipoh. In KL, people still wearing pajamas to restaurant.

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Restaurant Grandpa 阿公家乡肉骨茶


After attending friend’s wedding dinner in the evening, I stayed overnight at Petaling Jaya. Cheap labor like me used to wake up early, including holiday. After visiting a jogging place in PJ, I ventured around to see if there was any restaurant for early breakfast. I then stopped by this Restaurant Grandpa at Taman Paramount for Bak Kut Teh.

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Zealand BKT 新西兰肉骨茶


If you ask me what I did during Chinese New Year, here the list:

  1. Eat
  2. Eat
  3. Eat

Yes, it is all about eating, including this Zealand Bak Kut Teh which I visited during CNY at Gurney Drive.

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Pulau Payar (Part 3) – Beach


Snorkeling without seeing bikini girls laying or playing on beach is a sin. We actually arrived at the floating platform which is near to the beach. This post will show guys out there how to get to the beach to see mouth-watering bikini girls.

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Pulau Payar (Part 2) – Now Eating


Snorkeling at Pulau Payar is fun (even though I drank a lot of salt water since it was my first attempt). Fishes like to surround you thinking that you are something yummy. They may even bite you (My hairy legs were bitten few times in water) . After swimming for few hours my tummy started to play drum and we had our lunch buffet on the platform.

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