Ma Ma Tei 麻麻地

Update 8-Jun-2015: The restaurant is closed.

Ma Ma Tei 麻麻地 in Cantonese means average. Is the food in Ma Ma Tei restaurant at Elit Avenue, Bayan Baru, Penang really tastes like it sounds? Let’s find out.

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A Better Friend

芝司螳螂虾 Cheese Mantis Prawn

“Hello, my name is mantis prawn, and thanks to you all, we will be SLAUGHTER! Come on, we are Good Friends, right?”. This is their last photo taken alive, before they turned into Cheese Mantis Prawn by Good Friend Seafood Bayan Lepas.

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Best Pork Leg in Butterworth


Whoa~ tu kar~ The soy sauce was just perfect… not too salty… not too oily… The whole pork leg was cooked til tender and you still can see the steam above the shinny skin. That was another crazy afternoon in which we travel all the way from Bayan Baru to Butterworth just to have our lunch.

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