J.A.M Cafe 嘟嘟好

Tang Yuan

Winter Solstice 冬至 (22-Dec) is coming. How about a bowl of Tong Yuan 菊花姜蜜汤圆 (RM5.90). It comes with plain and stuffed sesame Tang Yuen. It also comes with small cup of honey for sweet tooth. Now I can save some fuel by having a bowl of Tang Yuen at JAM Cafe 嘟嘟好 near USM instead of traveling to George Town for the famous Magazine Road’s Tang Yuen.

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Noah Wine Dine Dinner @ Heaven Gate


Previously, we introduced Heaven Gate’s new ala-carte dinner menu. Today, we introduce their special menu – Noah Wine Dine Dinner which requires reservation in advance and a minimum of 10 persons with price starting from RM138++. Let’s see what’s so special about this menu.

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Heaven Gate Penang New Dinner Menu


As long as Penang’s fine dining is concerned, my experience is mixed. Some really provided quality food and friendly service in which I don’t mind paying extra. For some cases, however, the service quality was just substandard and  some old-timers were arrogant especially when serving customers with active kids, casual attire (especially slave like me), or even with skin colour they don’t like. Fortunately for Heaven Gate, my experience was positive one.

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Eighty Tree, George Town, Penang

Restaurant View

Recently, there is a type of cafe caught my attention – a type of cafe which looks like gift/handicraft shop with many cute decoration items, such as Eighty Tree cafe which I am going to introduce to you in this post. I couldn’t find its origin nor give it a name until I did some studies on Internet.

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Hidden Gem in Kulim

Derek's Passion for Food

If you were a chef, what you will do after retiring? Some may just sit at home and play with kids. For Derek, this is not the case. Hidden in one of the villages in Kulim is a resident house converted to western restaurant, namely Derek’s – Passion for Food. I was told that the chef was once a hotel chef in Penang island.

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Santorini 爱琴海

Santorini Cafe, Penang, Malaysia

Burmah Road is a busy street. Sometimes I went there for praying, eating, say “Hello” to fishes in CTY Aquarium or updating blogs in Starbuck. I noticed Santorini restaurant a few times and was planning to visit it one day, and was able to make it recently.

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