Yin’s WholeFood Manufactory @ Promenade, Bayan Baru, Penang


Promenade is a new commercial-residential building located between D’Piazza and Elit Avenue, so new that the parking is still free and only few shops are currently opened, including Yin’s WholeFood Manufactory (GPS: 5.32398,100.28224). Yin’s latest establishment is a “cafe+organic shop” concept in which other than dining in, you can shop for organic products at Zenxin Organic Food Malaysia next to the cafe.

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Village Kitchen @ D’Piazza, Bayan Baru, Penang

Village Special Nasi Lemak Burger

When was our last time visiting a Malay cafe? The new Village Kitchen in D’Piazza Mall (GPS: 5.32672,100.28347) is an eye-opener to us as the modern cafe is a truly Malaysian cafe designed for customers from different races. Burger Nasi Lemak, anyone?

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Four Points by Sheraton Ramadhan Buffet

Maste Chef

This Ramadhan month, bring your friends and family to The Eatery in Four Points by Sheraton Penang to enjoy special Ramadhan buffet with tantalizing local and international flavors and simple pleasures for the palate.

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Latest Deals, Promotions, Offers in Malaysia


Occasionally we received emails of some great deals. Instead of keeping them, we decided to share out with our readers. Note that deals usually end fast and old deals may no longer available. This list will be updated whenever we receive new deals for both products and services.

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Starbucks Malaysia Outlet List

Starbucks Malaysia Store
Rushing for school assignment? Hate seeing boss early in the morning or just gather with friends? We spent few days compiling a list of Starbucks outlets in Malaysia and re-organized them into lightweight tabular form for the ease of our readers as a reference.

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Buy 1 Free 1 & Free Flow Wine/Beer Buffet @ G-Hotel

Buffet Dinner

My friends asked me what kind of buffets available in G Hotel – a famous business hotel in Penang town area? I suddenly recalled that I visited the hotel recently (for food sampling purpose only) and nice PR officers passed me a bunch of documents. One of it was the promotion for Sep – Oct 2011. Surprisingly they do have “Buy 1 Free 1” offer which looks tempting.

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Top cancer for men and women

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Ever wonder what is the top cancer for men and women? Is cancer related to things you eat?

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Honey good for health. Period.

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Other than calling it to your loved one, many artists drink honey to keep young. Honey has the following benefit:

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Ipoh Eating Trip: Foh San (again)


My rich friend bought a new Honda City and would like to try long distance drive so I took this opportunity to travel down to Ipoh with my friend. We started at 5am from Penang with the purpose of arriving there early for dim sum. Since my friend was first time there, we choose Foh San 富山 as it had better environment and we arrived there at 7am.

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Cornflakes Cookies @ Times Square Penang


If you happened to be in town this week, please stopped by Times Square and grab a box of homemade Cornflake Cookies at the price of RM15. They were made by my friend and trust me, I tried it and it is delicious! All the $$ collected will be donated to Penang Leo club as part of year 2011 funding.

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