Bistro Tang @ Ren I Tang Heritage Inn


Previously, we introduced a warehouse-converted cafe in George Town, Penang. Today, we bring you to another restaurant which was converted from a Chinese Medical Hall – Bistro Tang in Ren I Tang Heritage Inn at Gat Penang Street (toward the end of Little India), George Town.

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Gudang Cafe


When we visited Da Shu Xia Seafood restaurant last time, we stumbled upon this old building built in year 1950. From far, it looks like a warehouse. Well, it was a warehouse back in good old day until it turned into Gudang Cafe recently.

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Tao 2015 Menu

Smoked Duck

Smoked Duck is our favorite cold platter usually found in buffet line. How about a  sizzling hot pan fried smoke duck breast with sweet garlic sauce? This is just one of 105 items you will find in new Tao menu.

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Phaik Laksa 碧叻沙, Jalan Seang Teik, Penang

Yam Rice, Prawn Cracker, Laksa

When enjoying laksa, did you come into occasion in which there was still plenty of soup left and you have to “drink” it off? Phaik Laksa comes out with a clever idea – consume it with yam rice, just like eating with a bowl of Kiam Chai Th’ng (mixed pork soup). Trust me, it works!

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Vantage is a new shop lot near to Straits Quay, Tanjung Tokong, Penang. At this moment, only few shops are opened, with one of them is Asiatique, a new semi fine dining restaurant specialized in fusion cuisine. Good news is that ample parking space is available for free (at least for now), which is very rare in Penang island.

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