Mellowcup Cafe

Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute

Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute coffee with notes of plum, floral, fig jam, and blueberry carefully hand dripped by barista. Sidamo is an exclusive Arabica coffee from Ethiopia (an Africa country) and this is just one of the handcraft coffees by Mellowcup Cafe.

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Gudang Cafe


When we visited Da Shu Xia Seafood restaurant last time, we stumbled upon this old building built in year 1950. From far, it looks like a warehouse. Well, it was a warehouse back in good old day until it turned into Gudang Cafe recently.

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de nice coffee


Argh~ who can resist a glass of hot latte (RM8.90) made of coffee bean roasted in-house. The roasted taste is strong with this one! This is the specialty in de nice coffee at Butterworth Business City Center – a new park near Raja Uda similar to Juru’s Autocity.

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Cuppa & Cuppa / Coffee Toffee @ G Hotel Gurney

G Lounge

Just between you and me, the lounge at G Hotel Gurney is our favorite stop-by when we walk between Gurney Paragon and Gurney Plaza thanks to its cozy and spacious environment. We will either use its toilet or take a short break on its sofa before continuing our journey into those shopping malls which rarely have any bench for shoppers to rest. Now, instead of just resting your feet, G Hotel Gurney has more to offer.

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DCOVA, George Town, Penang

Cafe View

DCOVA recently launched its new menu. For us, everything is new as this is our first visit to the cafe. We seldom travel down to George Town for a cup of coffee as some of them have their coffee bean outsourced, making it lack of uniqueness. However, DCOVA has proven that having a cup of coffee can be both unique and authentic.

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Home’s Cafe Revisited


Hazy Day in Penang

What a hazy weekend. If you want MC, just go out jogging for 1 hour and your wish will be granted. Weather like this should stay at home… such as Home’s  Cafe at D’Piazza, Bayan Baru. Yeah, we visited it again after hearing that some items had been improved.

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Roti Bakar – Kopitiam with Wi-Fi


Each time I looking for food in Plaza Ivory, I have to drive few rounds before getting a parking space. There is a place where students can hang out there – Roti Bakar Kopitiam (炭烤面包), which opened until 11:30pm with Wi-Fi service.
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