Chai Diam Ma @ George Town, Penang


Chai Diam Ma is hidden in a row of heritage building at Lebuh QueenGeorge Town, Penang. It can be difficult to spot at first. Coincidentally, the owner is also called Ms. Queen. Note that this is not a grocery shop but a cafe cum art space.

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Coya Healthy Cuisine

Devil Eggs 魔鬼蛋

Devil Egg 魔鬼蛋 (Rm 4.90 for 3; Rm 7.90 for 6) – extremely spicy. Available in Coya 古雅料理 – a healthy cuisine restaurant at Lorong Selamat. How can a devil food appears in holy healthy cuisine restaurant is still a question.

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MGI Classic Kitchen, Lebuh Carnavon, Penang

Restaurant View

After Micke’s Place, it is time for another western food restaurant review near that area – MGI (Malaysia Global International) Classic Kitchen located at Lebuh Carnavon, the same street with Aik Hoe Dim Sum 益和茶楼 restaurant.

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Which sandwhich?

SandwhichTel: 04-684 1963/019-414 0655Business Hour: 8.00am-9.30pm daily

As people are getting more concern on healthy food, sandwich bar quickly becomes an alternative to chain fast food restaurants. As a starter, we have Subway chain sandwich bar. Then, we have O’Briens which is a bit pricey. Now, we have Sandwhich offering some quality ingredients you won’t find in any other sandwich bars.

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