Pavilion Cafe and Homestay

View from Attic Room

Ah, a heritage building with classic tiles, wooden staircase, and chandelier. Such building is no stranger in Melaka but thankfully, you still can find such buildings in Penang despite of rapid development, such as this Pavilion Cafe 三禾轩.

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Imported ingredient and new menu at TaiwanBull

Restaurant View

TaiwanBull should not be a stranger for Queensbay old timer. Previously, it is located at lower ground floor. Now, it is relocated to Queens Street (third floor, north zone) of the mall. At the same time, the Chinese name is changed from 台湾公牛 to 台食煮艺 to better reflect the owner’s passion to serve various kind of  Taiwanese food to customers and not only on beef products.

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Kampai Intro and Review


Stir Fried Tiger Prawn 干烧虎虾

Stir Fried / Hot Fried culture originated in Taiwan many years ago. It was initially a casual-styled of seafood stall along fishery port, which offers s wide range of fresh and delicious stir fried dishes. Usually each of the dish costs an average ofNTD$99 (apout RM9.90), even the mouth-watering fresh seafood.

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Mini Steamboat @ Taiwan Food Midlands


Taiwan Food @ Midlands

It had been 3 years since I first blogged about this place. It still remains as one of my favorite places to dine in due to its cozy and relaxing environment. It was one evening in which I was craving for Taiwanese food (despite of some negative news) after hiking at Youth Park, and I stopped by here again for… mini steamboat.

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Taiwan Food – An oasis in the desert


Previously, Midland Park (a.k.a One Stop) at Pulau Tikus, Penang is one of the popular shopping complex in the past. I used to travel from mainland to this complex just to purchase some PC games and DVDs. Recently, most tenants had moved out, including Popular Book Store, Reject Shop, and supermarket. The complex is almost deserted with only few retail shops around.

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