Sister Cook 大姐中国沙县小吃

Freezing Broccoli 冰镇西兰花

Each day, we are scraping our head in preparing our dinner. Little did we know that a delicious meal can be as simple as dipping freezing broccoli with wasabi and soy sauce.  This is one of the specialty in Sister Cook restaurant operated by sisters from Sha-county 沙县 of China.

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Crispy Pi Pa duck and QQ Pan Mee

Hun Tai Restaurant 中泰板面专卖店, Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia

Previously I introduced KhunThai. Today, I introduce its younger brother – Hun Tai, which selling only two items – Pan Mee and Pi Pa Duck. We went to this restaurant in Lunas in our recent Kulim eating trip.

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3-in-1 Restaurant

Malabar Dine & Chill

Are you visiting Penang island and looking for a place with good food, nice beers, and affordable stay? Then you should consider this 3-in-1 Malabar restaurant located at… uh… Malabar road.

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Cornflakes Cookies @ Times Square Penang


If you happened to be in town this week, please stopped by Times Square and grab a box of homemade Cornflake Cookies at the price of RM15. They were made by my friend and trust me, I tried it and it is delicious! All the $$ collected will be donated to Penang Leo club as part of year 2011 funding.

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Best Pork Leg in Butterworth


Whoa~ tu kar~ The soy sauce was just perfect… not too salty… not too oily… The whole pork leg was cooked til tender and you still can see the steam above the shinny skin. That was another crazy afternoon in which we travel all the way from Bayan Baru to Butterworth just to have our lunch.

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Mount Erskine Hainan Western 白云山西餐


Sometimes in the evening I went for hiking at Youth Park. Driving all the way up to Youth Park took some times so I might as well enjoy my dinner somewhere around there. One of the stalls I tried was Mount Erskine’s Hainan Western Food 白云山西餐, a.k.a temple western food.

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Hai Pin Restaurant 海滨海鲜酒家


Back in one of the raining July afternoon, colleagues and I went to Hai Pin Restaurant 海滨海鲜酒家 in Lebuh Macallum 五条路 for lunch. What so special about this restaurant is there are set meals in which you can choose certain number of dishes and the price is based on headcount, each for RM9. For example, eight of us only need to pay for RM9 x 8 = RM72 for the meal, with unlimited rice and Chinese tea. Is it worth the price? Let’s see.

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