The Alley Raja Uda

Opening Promo

As long as Japanese food is concerned, our immediate reaction is to order a cup of hot green tea without any thinking. How about sushi with a cup of coffee? You will find this “clash of cuisine” at The Alley, Raja Uda.

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Sakae Sushi 2014 New Menu

Sakae Sushi Mascot

Each year, Sakae Sushi – the famous Singapore Japanese chain restaurant, will have its menu revised based on customer’s feedback and choices. This year is no exception. The new menu features over 50 delicious new additions spanning across numerous categories.

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Edo Ramen @ Gurney Paragon

Ultimate Tokyo

For me, Japanese ramen is a luxury item in Malaysia. You can easily spend RM30+ per person in any Japanese ramen restaurant just to have a bowl of noodle which in some cases, you still feel hungry after the meal. Luckily for the new Edo Ramen at Gurney Paragon, now everyone can eat (ramen) with price starting from RM9.90++.

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Eastin Hotel Penang March 2014 Promotion

Chef Ricky Hui Eng Keong

For the first time, Eastin Hotel Penang is inviting Chef Ricky from Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya (PJ) to the premise to serve you the freshnest and most mouth-watering Japanese buffet Eastin Hotel can offer.

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Tatsu Jin

Restaurant View

Unless you are a competitor, nobody likes a restaurant to close down, including bloggers. Imagine you spent several hours to finish the post, just to find out that the restaurant already went back to China selling salted duck eggs (closed business). One of the examples is Kong Bee Lee Pan Mee at Kampung Jawa, which now turns into a Japanese restaurant – Tatsu Jin 达人.

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Sushi Zanmai Gurney Paragon

Restaurant View

Sushi Zanmai is not new in Malaysia. It has 7 outlets in PJ/KL area. For Penang, however, the first outlet is just opened in July 2013 at Gurney Paragon Mall – the new mall in Penang. Like Chinese said, “Sin Jamban Ho Pangsai (New toilet bowl nice to poo)”. People will queue up as early as 11.30am just to try out this new restaurant in Penang. Is it worth the effort? Let’s see.

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Kizuna, Bay Avenue, Penang


Kizuna 绊 (Chinese: ban4) is a Japanese word meaning “bond”. Today, I introduce you a new Japanese restaurant hidden near Queensbay Mall (Bay Avenue) which share the same name – Kizuna.

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Japanese restaurant @ Batu Ferringhi

Matsu @ Lone Pine Hotel

It has been a while since I entered a fine dining restaurant. Recently, I had an opportunity to travel to Batu Ferringhi and visited a Japanese restaurant in a high class hotel – Matsu @ Lone Pine Hotel.

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Quality Japanese Food at Affordable Price

Kakuni Japin Ramen

Kakuni Japin Ramen – stew pork & rich soup with noodle (RM16.80), a signature dish in Japin Restaurant. The soup was boiled with big bones for 72 hours before serving (and hence the “rich” soup). This is just one of specialities in Japin restaurant.

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Newest Tao in Town

道 Tao, Times Square, Penang, Malaysia

Nope, this is not an ancient Chinese temple but just one of many decorations in newly opened Tao Japanese buffet restaurant at Times Square Penang. This reminded me that it has been a while since I returned to Times Square, particularly nothing special there and was having bad experience with a guard there for shooting photos on their building (WTF?). Anyway, let’s go!

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